Spell It Out in Black and White – SCARVES APPEAL

Scarves Appeal

On Saturday 28 December the 250 free black and white scarves we had went, literally, in about 60 seconds such was the demand.

Now we want to give out another 750 at the Blackburn home game. Forest is too close to order and get delivery.

We've already been offered one very generous donation of £300 but we'll need more. We have a supplier and we can get a good discount on a bulk order but we need your help.

We need your money.

We know it's a tight time of year what with the spending on Christmas but think of what you are saving maybe from not buying food or programmes or if you are boycotting by not going at all.

So whatever you can afford from £5 to £5,000 we be very useful.

Anything we have left over we'll look to use for other protests be that more leaflets, like the "stand up for the 2%" that Spell It Out lead on, or similar. And if for some reason the protests and scarves are no longer needed any money remaining will be given to the Upbeats.

If you want to donate please email sioblackandwhite@gmail.com and we'll give you the details for payment.

Thanks in advance.

Spell It Out in Black and White.

Spell It Out Aims and Objectives

The message from Spell It Out is a simple one - Roland and Katrien, it's time to go.

We no longer want them to Spell It Out. In our view they have done that quite clearly in the Dublin video and through their actions. With these recent revelations we believe that it is time to go.

We have been very reasonable and asked for things that any competent CEO could have delivered. Instead we were treated to an insulting PowerPoint presentation and were accused by Katrien of "inciting a riot".

Now it is us, the fans, who are going to Spell It Out to them. It's time to go Roland. It's time to go Katrien, It's time to go Karel.

The black and white scarves go full steam ahead and details about donations to fund more are available above.

The scarves are no longer a sign that you are dissatisfied and want the CEO and owner to change their ways. They are a sign that you want them to go.

If you want to help or donate please email sioblackandwhite@gmail.com

Charlton fans - Spell It Out in Black and White; Roland and Katrien, it's time to go.

Organiser:  JOE READ


Twitter: @CAFCBlackNWhite