Charlton Fans’ Protest Fund

A new Charlton Fans' Protest Fund has been launched by members of the online forum Charlton Life.

With fans' protests gathering pace and support, a fighting fund has been started. This will form a ready source of finance to quickly meet reasonable requests for support from Charlton Life members for all forms of fans' protests against Duchâtelet and Meire. This could be for the costs of producing leaflets, banners, flags, events, props - whatever, as long as it is legal.

The legality and overall conduct of the protest activity will be the responsibility of the protest organisers, and NOT the fund.

The fund will be administered jointly by Alan Davis and Brenda Smith, two members of the Charlton Life forum who are also CAS Trust members. They are calling on all Charlton fans who share these concerns to contribute to the creation of this fund.

You can do this by bank transfer to:

Brenda Smith

Sort code 20-68-04

Account number 50661678

If you are a Charlton Life member, please give your CL user name as a reference and send Alan (Davo55) a personal message, so they can identify you as the donor. Otherwise, give the reference CFPF and your name.

Requests for financial support from protest organisers will be invited as soon a reasonable sum is available to get started.

Money is tight for many people, especially at this time of year but any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

Enquiries can be sent to Alan Davis