Complain to the club

CAS Trust member David Ramzan has proposed the following method of protest:

As Ms Meire is comparing supporters to customers of businesses such as restaurants and cinemas, I  propose that supporters (customers) of the club, if unhappy with the service provided by the club, should write a letter of complaint to the football club, listing out their concerns for how the club is being run and asking for an explanation of how the club is going to resolve issues fans have. Then perhaps the club might respond to supporters concerns, as they haven't done so far.

As part of the football clubs charter, customers have the right to make a complaint, and the club is obliged to respond, see customer care points 8 - 8.5.

If enough fans write into the club I'm expecting that this action might bring some interest from the media as well as ensuring the club board understand the depth of feeling.

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Charlton Athletic Club Charter

8 Customer service

8.1 Where required, the Club will acknowledge receipt of any contact from a customer within 48 hours and a full written response, if deemed necessary, will be exercised within 14 days. The Club contact is Lewis Uphill (
8.2 The Club responds by telephone, e-mail, fax or letter. If a customer requests a response in writing they receive such a reply.
8.3 The Club encourages customers to contact the department relevant to their query. If a customer feels that they have not been satisfied by the relevant department, they are encouraged to write directly to the senior manager responsible.
8.4 The Club endeavours to ensure that every telephone call is answered within four rings.
8.5 The Club undertakes that all messages on its automatic telephoning answering service will be as current as possible.

Any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or otherwise, will be deemed as a complaint and is therefore subject to the club's complaint handling policy. Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged, in the first instance, within 48 hours. A response will then be provided within 14 days. If the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved within this period, it will be escalated via the office of the Head of Stadium and Training Ground Operations and may ultimately be subject to the Club's league governing body. The Football League’s Customer Service Department may contact details may be found below:
Customer Service Department
The Football League Limited
Edward VII Quay
Navigation Way
Preston PR2 2YF
Tony Keohane (Chief Operating Officer)
May 5th, 2015
For and on behalf of Charlton Athletic Football Company Limited