Funeral protest and walk out on Sunday

The hopes and dreams of Charlton supporters will be buried on Sunday.

Fans from the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (of which CAS Trust is a member) will carry a coffin to The Valley 45 minutes before kick-off to symbolise what the club’s owner and chief executive Katrien Meire have done to the Addicks, and they are inviting supporters to line the route to pay their respects.

The mock funeral procession will kick off what CARD intends to be an afternoon of protest, with the Addicks due to take on Middlesbrough in front of the Sky Sports cameras at 3.30pm.

A CARD spokesman said: “This is not just about the team’s prospects, although they look very grim. It is a measure of the damage being done to Charlton by Duchatelet and Meire, which is unlikely to end with relegation.

“They are destroying decades of work to build up our club in the name of a soulless experiment conducted by remote control from Belgium. This is not the Charlton Athletic that has been a vital part of so many people’s lives for decades.

Football and the media are laughing at Duchâtelet and Meire, but the joke’s on us. We will not allow them to continue to run our club into the ground.

We are asking the many disillusioned and angry fans who have been staying away to come back on Sunday and turn the afternoon into the biggest protest Charlton has ever seen, including when the old board took the club to Selhurst Park in 1985.

In our view, the threat to Charlton’s future this time is just as real, and we will not let it carry on.

We are also encouraging fans to walk out of the stadium on 74 minutes - the number of goals conceded so far this season - and reassemble in the west stand car park.

The intention then is to protest outside the ground while the match is still going on, and if the club locks the main gates we plan to assemble either side of them.”

As with previous matches, CARD is keeping significant further plans for the day up its sleeve, but it is asking fans to wear black and white and bring thousands of balloons of the same colour, continuing the funeral theme by staging a wake, as well as banners.

The spokesman added: “It’s important to keep the messages simple and clean in order to retain the moral high ground and avoid things that will divide supporters rather than unite them.

We do not condone or encourage breaking the law. We have also been asked by the police to make clear that they will arrest anyone who brings flares. We want people to protest loudly, visibly and effectively, but safely.”

The funeral procession will leave the Charlton Liberal Club in Charlton Church Lane at 2.45pm, but to avoid congestion fans are asked to line Floyd Road from the junction with Charlton Church Lane and as far as the Valley Superstore from 2.30pm.

Fans can then follow the coffin as it makes its way to The Valley.

CARD is also asking for volunteers to help with other pre-match activity. Extra numbers are needed for this game due to the number of different things happening, so fans are requested to make a special effort to assist if they can. Anyone able to assist should email