A reminder of happier times

This week we received a message from a man named Carlo Izzo with a photo of Charlton supporters in happier times. We can look at it as a sad reflection on our recent decline or a timely reminder that football goes in cycles and that all things must pass (eventually).

"When I visited London for the first time, 18 years ago, I met and chatted with some Charlton Athletic supporters in Trafalgar Square.

I was a tourist at that time, and even though my level of English wasn't very good, I could understand that they were celebrating the promotion to the Premier League after beating Sunderland at Wembley. I thought having a picture with Charlton Athletic fans would be a fantastic souvenir.

Now I want to send this picture to CAS Trust as a courtesy. It was taken probably in May or June 1998.  I am the man wearing a cap and holding the banner next to the child. If you have been a Charlton Athletic supporter for a long time, maybe you could recognise some of the fans in the picture.

Hope you like the photo, and I wish your team to have a great performance and success in the upcoming fixtures."