It might as well rain until September

And so ends one of the most depressing seasons in my Charlton supporting life. Relegation of the team and alienation of the supporters.

If the club can find someone prepared to take on the role of head coach he will be the fourth occupant of the post in nine months and the seventh in two seasons. And the people who brought us this instability and failure seem convinced that, having "learned from their mistakes", they are the best people to restore stability and bring success. We'd better enjoy the cricket season because the prospects for the next football season look bleak indeed. Blackpool have just dropped into League 2 and who is to say that we won't follow them? A football club needs a narrative to unite around and at present there is precious little to fire enthusiasm. Ridicule is another matter, however. The Chris Wilder affair seemed yet another example of the club's ineptness.

There will be plenty going on over the next month or two. Protests will continue. A head coach will presumably be appointed. Players will depart. Players may even arrive. We will continue to try to bring you comment and analysis although this website usually allows itself a short hibernation during June so please forgive a certain slimness of content for a few weeks as we take a bit of a breather.

Thank you for your continuing membership of CAS Trust. We have over 1100 members and we have become used to explaining that this makes us the second largest trust in The Championship. I imagine we will be the most thriving trust in League One. We can only hope that, with your continuing support, we will eventually see our club return to healthier ways and to our ultimate ideal of a boardroom where the voice of supporters is respected and listened to.

All CAS Trust members (including those living abroad) should receive edition 12 of Trust News through the post in the next week or so. If you don't think we have your up-to-date postal address please let us know at in the next few days.  If you don't receive your copy by the end of the month let us know and we will sort it out.

Anyone know a good pub in Fleetwood?