Get well soon Richard

Steve Clarke extends best wishes to Richard Murray on behalf of CAS Trust.

We are sorry to hear that Richard Murray has stepped down as Non-Executive Chairman of Charlton due to ill-health.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back at the Valley very soon.

We appreciate in these troubled times for the Club, Richard has received criticism for not being vocal in opposition to the current regime. Of course, he was the Chairman, and we are not in a position to know what has gone on behind the scenes. What I can testify is that when he was in control of the Club he was one of the best owners in the game at involving the fans in developing the strategy of Charlton Athletic.

From a personal point of view, I enjoy working with Richard, and have for many years, dating back to his early days on the Board. I remember clearly how Richard, along with Martin Simons, approached the Supporters’ Club Committee to discuss their plans when the VIP Scheme was at an embryo stage. Several other clubs had introduced expensive debenture schemes, dressed up under the generic term ‘bonds’, which had proved universally unpopular.

Richard and Martin were keen to avoid the issues that had dogged the bonds, largely that you were paying substantial sums purely for the right to buy a ticket! They recognised the value of our input and together we designed a scheme that proved highly successful when introduced, and as we all know, achieved its aim.