Roland Duchatelet declines AGM invitation

CAS Trust wrote to Roland Duchatelet on August 22nd asking whether he would be prepared to be the guest speaker at our AGM this year.

We received an email from Katrien Meiere on Monday which was in reply to the invitation although it made no mention of it. Instead, it highlighted a number of meetings with supporters which the club are currently arranging.

We have made what we think is a reasonable assumption from this that Duchatelet is not going to take up our invitation.

We are disappointed. Although his presence at our AGM would have no doubt raised a number of logistical difficulties we nevertheless think the meeting would have been an ideal opportunity for Duchatelet to demonstrate a genuine interest in meeting a wide range of supporters to explain first hand what his vision and plans are for the club. At a time when many remain sceptical about his ability to remedy his mistakes of the past two years and to turn the club's fortunes round, he might have been able to inspire some confidence and support by taking the opportunity to meet concerned supporters face to face.

We will make alternative arrangements and will publicise details of the AGM as soon as a date is finalised (likely to be late November).