CAS Trust Autumn Survey – The Results

The CAS Trust Autumn survey has now closed and we would like to thank those who took the time to provide feedback.

We had a great response, with over 750 fans completing the survey. Of the responses received, 52.5% were Trust members and additionally we had a fairly even spread of age ranges. 8% of the responsdents were female.

Our first question asked about the future of the club. 80% of respondents currently feel very negative about the future prospects of Charlton under Roland Duchatelet. There was little difference in this response between Trust members and non-Trust members, which was reflected across the majority of questions asked. An additional 15% feel quite negative about the future prospects, with the remaining 5% feeling quite positive or very positive.

34% of the respondents feel a lot more negative about the owner and management since the end of last season. 22% feel a bit more negative and another 34% stated there has been no change in their feelings.

In response to the various statements we put forward, we had the following feedback:

The club's senior management has learnt from it's past mistakes: 71% of respondents strongly disagreed, 12% slightly disagreed, 13% slightly agreed and 3% strongly agreed.
Fan protests must continue: 78% of respondents strongly agreed, 10% slightly agreed and a total of 13% either slightly or strongly disagreed.
Club Q&A's with fan groups must continue: 61% either slightly or strongly disagreed, 26% slightly agreed and 12% strongly agreed.
I support the approach and actions of CARD: 75% of respondents strongly agreed, 13% slightly agreed and the remaining 12% slightly or strongly disagreed.

Looking at Charlton's League One prospects this season, 57% of respondents think Charlton will finish in the bottom half of League One but avoid relegation. 25% of respondents think we will finish in the top half but outside of the play-offs with 5% feeling we will make the play offs. 12% of respondents think we will be relegated this season and less than 1% think we will gain automatic promotion back to the Championship.

The autumn survey also looked to analyse changes and trends in purchases of season tickets. 32% of respondents who had a season ticket last season also renewed for this season. 54% of these did so because it is a habit they're not going to break or stated they will support the team regardless of the club situation.
An additional 21% renewed because of friends and family. 7% of respondents stated they renewed because they wanted to give the owner a chance to show the progress made.

33% of respondents did not have a season ticket last season and did not buy one for this season. 38% stated this was to actively protest about the club ownership with the remaining 62% stating costs or other/personal reasons as their reason for not having a season ticket this year.

Lastly, in relation to season tickets, 34% of fans (266 respondents) stated they had a season ticket last year but did not renew for the current season. 87% stated this was again to actively protest about the club ownership with the remaining respondents stating other/personal reasons as to why they didn't renew.

In addition to the club-specific questions we asked, we are grateful to those who provided further feedback on the proposed EFL 'whole game solution'. Results of these questions will be released in the coming weeks.

We also appreciate the feedback provided with regards to satisfaction with the Trust and suggestions of future Trust initiatives all of which will be taken on board.

Thanks again to all those who responded to the survey. We hope to launch our next survey sometime in the New Year.