If you feel despair – write to Roland

A group of fans known as The Belgian 20 are planning to travel to Belgium to personally deliver messages to Roland Duchatelet from disillusioned Charlton supporters.

Roland Duchatelet has said that the protests are "without reason".

The group are asking people to write to Duchatelet to "tell him about the stories of individual and collective loss that his ownership and regime have brought to so many fans of the club".

The group go on:"In the spirit of collaboration, we will offer to tell him for you. Please email it to Thebelgium20@gmail.com and we'll make sure it gets delivered to him. Please no abuse as this will not be delivered. We want him to see as many genuine stories as possible of how the Duchatelet ownership of CAFC and associated regime have negatively affected your lives."

If you feel a sense of loss at the events of the last three years You can email your story to The belgium20@gmail.com