Roland ignores us again

We thought that it was important that Duchatelet was aware of the fact that our club was in its lowest position for nearly one hundred years so we wrote to him on October 11th to draw the matter to his attention. We have received no reply.

"Dear Roland Duchatelet,

I am writing as chair of Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust (CAS Trust) to draw your attention to the fact that the club is currently occupying its lowest league position in living memory.

CAS Trust has tried to trace anyone who watched the team in 1926 when they were lower than 18th in the third tier but, so far, as far as we can see:

There is no-one still alive who has seen the club in a worse position.

However, as I think you are aware, the current chronic dismay at Charlton is not the result of league position alone. Despite your no doubt best intentions large numbers of long-standing supporters have become totally alienated over the thirty three months of your ownership as a result of the instability and incompetence we have witnessed.

To create success at a football club requires total commitment from top to bottom. No-one can possibly provide the climate for healthy performance and growth if a club represents only 1.5% of their interests. We would like to implore you once again to reconsider your position and to make arrangements to transfer the club to owners who have the ambition and ability to work with supporters to restore Charlton Athletic to a vibrant football club which is at the core of its community.

Yours Sincerely
Richard Wiseman (Chair - CAS Trust)"

However, shortly after the letter was sent, we heard the good news that there is in fact someone still alive who has watched a worse-performing Charlton team. Story to follow...