Robinson will meet us “when time allows”

Karl Robinson hasn't yet replied to our offer to meet him to help him "learn more" about the protests but he did say on national radio last Friday (Radio 5 Live) that he had received our letter and that he did plan to meet with us and "longer, older season ticket holders" and one of the "younger supporters" and, in fact someone from "every different corner of the support mechanism of Charlton, hopefully".

He said that he can't do it "right away". He said he had been watching a game every night and that he was in the office by 7.30 every morning. But "when time allows" he is keen to meet supporters and "be enthused by them and be educated by them".

His focus so far seems to have been very much on assessing and encouraging the playing squad (including the under 23s) which is quite right at this stage, but he does also seem to have found time for quite a lot of media exposure. He is an interesting, engaging and amusing speaker and he is well worth hearing. We hope however that he won't leave listening to supporters for too long.