Your chance to question Katrien Meire directly

CAS Trust members may be aware that Katrien Meire has been holding a series of pre-match question and answer sessions with supporter groups this season. The meetings have usually started at about 1pm and have lasted for about an hour. Other members of the club's off-field management team have also attended. The sessions offer an opportunity for any member of an established supporter group to ask questions and express opinions directly to the people responsible for the management of the club.

Despite being by far the largest supporter group (1100 members) CAS Trust seems to have been left until last in this process but we have recently been contacted by the club with the information that the sessions for CAS Trust members will be held in March and (if there is sufficient demand) in April.

Supporters' Trust good practice would normally be that dialogue with the club would be undertaken by Trust board members in their role as the democratically elected representatives of the membership. However for these less formal sessions it is our view that they should be open to any CAS Trust member who would like to attend. This is also the position of the club.

In order to plan the sessions and to maximise their value we need to get an idea of the number of CAS Trust members who would be interested in attending. The likely dates are 11th March (Walsall), and/or 25th March (MKDons) and /or, if necessary, 8th April (Southend).

If you would like to attend one of these sessions please contact us as soon as possible. Once we have a clearer idea about likely numbers we will liaise with the club about the details of how the sessions might be organised to facilitate the optimum level of access.

If you are interested in attending please e mail with your preferred date(s). Please ensure that your annual membership subscription is paid up to date as only full members and registered junior members will be admitted.