Our letter to the Australian Football Consortium

CAS Trust sent this letter to Chris Tait of the Australian Football Consortium on Thursday April 13th. We would write a similar letter to any reputable parties linked with a purchase of Charlton Athletic.

Dear Mr Tait,

We read with interest the article in the Daily Mail concerning Australian Football Consortium’s potential takeover of Charlton Athletic Football Club. We appreciate that the matter is likely still to be under negotiation and we fully respect the confidentiality of such details. We are simply contacting you to introduce ourselves and offer input should your client wish this.

Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust (CASTrust) has almost 1,200 paid members and is by far the largest active Charlton fan group, constituted democratically under the auspices of Supporters’ Direct. It is very much our goal to engage with the owners of the football club to improve the chances of mutual success. We regularly carry out surveys and consultations with our members and the wider fanbase on issues including season ticket renewal, matchday experience, general sentiment and views on broader football matters. Our mission is to protect, preserve and promote Charlton Athletic Football Club for this and future generations.

Should it be of any interest to your client at this stage, we would be willing to make ourselves available to answer any questions or provide information on the club in general, the history, the fanbase and our views on realising the potential. We certainly agree that Charlton possesses the infrastructure, catchment area and latent goodwill to bounce quickly back to the Championship and then aim for the Premier League. The most successful period for the club in recent years resulted from directors and fans working in close partnership to lay solid foundations for growth, including increasing attendances at The Valley.

The CASTrust board of nine people includes a majority who have senior executive/ management experience across a range of disciplines and industries, including finance, marketing and recruitment. Please therefore rest assured that we appreciate business sensitivities and would, of course, agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement if required to cover any such contact. In the meantime, you can view/ read more about our organisation at www.castrust.org.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Richard Wiseman (Chair - CASTrust)