Lobby your MP about football governance HERE!

Last Thursday evening Trust Vice-Chair, Steve Clarke, featured on the panel of the London ‘Fans Not Numbers’ event at Leyton Orient’s Brisbane Road. This was the last of five country-wide events to publicise the campaign to restructure the governance of English football.
We are now going to ask you to email your MP to lobby for change.
‘Fans Not Numbers' is a joint initiative between Supporters’ Direct, Sporf and sportswear brand Skins, led by their Chairman, Jaimie Fuller. He already has a history of initiating reform in other sports, and now he has his sights set on English football.  This latest campaign began following conversations Jaimie had with Blackpool supporter groups.
The website fansnotnumbers.org summarises things as follows:
"We are the fans. 24-million-strong. On the terraces, week in, week out. A reminder of the communities our football clubs serve. Communities that live for the beautiful game. But things are starting to turn ugly. Some owners forget that we are fans not fools. And they aren't just destroying the teams we support, but the towns and cities that support them. We've seen it before, Blackpool, Orient and Leeds to name a few. Fans shut out, exploited, taken for a ride as chants for change fall on deaf ears. But we won't sit on the bench any longer. It's time for all fans to RISE UP.
The FA can fix the game, but they need government backing, and the legal power to act. So contact your local MP, let them know that we're fans not numbers and demand reform. United, we can change football for good.
The website contains full detail of the campaign.  Here is the full report: team.skins.net/Recommendations-for-regulatory-reform-of-English-football-May-2017.pdf
We are asking all Charlton fans to tell parliament it is time for change in English football.  It’s easy!  Just needs your postcode.  Click this link: www.skins.net/uk/fans-not-numbers
Together football fans can instigate change.