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Shrewsbury Town Supporters Trust are crowdfunding to raise £62,500 for the installation of a safe standing (rail seats) area at their ground. They have currently raised just over £53,000

My understanding is that Shrewsbury Town FC have contributed £20,000 to the fund. This raises the obvious question as to why supporters of other clubs should contribute towards the improvement of another club's facilities.

But this isn't any old improvement. It is a ground breaking step towards the return of standing at football matches. Not a return to the dangerous old terraces but to a safe, orderly and ticket-based standing area. Steve Bromley of the Shrewsbury Supporters Trust says:

"In answer to your question about funding another club, I would say it will help demonstrate the benefits of safe standing to the media, politicians and the footballing world.
By showing how this can be achieved it will hopefully help pave the way for other clubs."
There are funding packages available from £5 to £2500. A £25 contribution gets you a smart and stylish T-shirt. Full details here:

CAS Trust are currently speaking to CAFC about organising a safe standing road show at The Valley in the near future.