Katrien Meire resigns

Katrien Meire has resigned as CEO and as a Director of Charlton Athletic because "she needs a new challenge".

The club's statement can be seen here:


CAS Trust welcomes this news and, in particular, the fact that Duchatelet has finally acknowledged that he is in negotiations to sell the club. We have long been of the view that the situation under Duchatelet is irretrievable and we can now at last look forward to a change of ownership which we hope will revive the fortunes of the club and heal the rifts between club and supporters.

Most important of all (more important than departing personalities) is that, whoever the new owners turn out to be, they do not repeat the arrogant and ill-informed mistakes of Meire and Duchatelet. We want our club to be owned by people who are ambitious and who put their heart and soul into the club and who respect our history and traditions and relate to our community. We want them to be fully committed to supporter involvement.