We lobby for ticket price freeze

CAS Trust has today written to CAFC Chief Operating Officer Tony Keohane to request that 2018/19 season ticket prices be frozen at phase 1 level at least until new ownership of the club has been confirmed. Our letter is as follows:

Dear Tony,

Re: Season tickets 2018/19

Further to our conversation last week I would like formally to request that the club consider freezing season ticket prices at phase one levels or at least extending the phase 1 deadline until new ownership is in place.

As you are aware there are over 4000 former season ticket holders who have stopped purchasing during the Duchatelet era because of their concerns about how the club was being run.

CAS Trust carries out an annual survey of season ticket purchasing intentions. Last year (March 2017) the survey revealed that 67% of respondents were prepared to pledge that they would buy a season ticket if there was a change of ownership. Although this is encouraging it does mean that 33% would not commit to returning as season ticket holders even under new ownership. The concern is that many of these will have got out of the habit of coming to The Valley or have started supporting local non league clubs instead.

Given that the club has unfortunately already felt the need to increase prices we would like to suggest that further increases above the phase 1 price be avoided if at all possible. A freeze or at least an extension of the deadline would be an excellent good will gesture to many returning long term fans and it might also tip the balance for those who are still undecided. An announcement to that effect would be most welcome.

We have just launched our 2018 intentions survey and we should be in a position in a week or two to be able to let you know what it is indicating.

Yours sincerely

Richard Wiseman (Chair – CAS Trust)