Season ticket prices – Options left open

CAFC has replied to CAS Trust following our request that they consider freezing season ticket prices at phase 1 prices at least until the future ownership of the club has been clarified.

Dear Richard,

Many thanks for your letter, we appreciate the feedback.             

Phase one has to close on May 7th to allow the ticket office to deal with the coordination and logistics should we make the play-offs. If we do make the play-offs, our home leg could be as early as May 10th and therefore managing ticket distribution for that game would be our priority that week.

At present phase one pricing is in place and the approach taken allows flexibility of when and how phase two pricing is implemented. We will ensure that any update on the phased pricing is communicated well in advance to provide fans opportunity to maximise value.

Kind Regards,

The Ticketing Team

CAS Trust's understanding is that this will allow the club to continue with Phase 1 pricing after the May 7th deadline if it is minded to do so. We will continue to lobby for this approach.