Petition for an independent regulator for English football

Getting straight answers from the football authorities is like getting blood from a stone.

Taking the key people to task is a desperate challenge as they slither away under the cover of a flood of political non-answers.

Enough is enough!

Well, now's the time to do something about it. We need an independent regulator.

Someone not aligned to the self-serving trade associations, otherwise known as the Premier League and the EFL.

Our friends at Blackpool Supporters' Trust have taken action and back in February set up a petition calling for just that.

"The Government must introduce an independent regulator for English football.
We urge the Government to introduce an independent regulator for English football, charged with ensuring the highest possible standards of governance for all clubs"

Frankly, all of us supporters have been slow off the mark, and so far signatories stand at just shy of 14,500. Not very impressive considering all the fans of Charlton, Blackburn, Hull, Coventry and on and on…

The petition runs out in a fortnight. ACT NOW!!