Premier League clubs would make a profit with no fans

Research by Andrew Aloia and others has revealed that eleven Premier League clubs would have recorded a profit in 2016/17 even if they had banked no income at all from gate receipts. Leicester City led the way with a "no fans" profit of £76m.

Dr Rob Wilson from Sheffield Hallam University commented that:

"When you get a £120m payout from the Premier League for kicking a ball around, you can play in an empty stadium if you need to."

In contrast Sheffield United relied on gate income for 69.6% of their total income. Charlton were in fifth place with 41.7%

Charlton also feature in the report as one of the highest overspenders on salaries in relation to total income. Staff costs at CAFC were 146% of turnover - a figure only beaten by Blackburn and Bolton.

The article also includes comments from CARD spokesman and CAS Trust member Clive Harris on the reasons behind the current call for Charlton fans to boycott games at The Valley. "All Charlton fans want is to feel that they are part of something," he said.

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