Club asks EFL to investigate communication

Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust has noted the statement issued today by CAFC, the author of which is, we assume, Roland Duchatelet

We find it surprising that the Club appear to see the upcoming meetings with the EFL to be predominantly around communication.  We wholeheartedly agree that over the past four years communication with the owner has been non existent despite the many efforts we made to  engage with him, all of which were rebuffed.  Good communication with supporters is vital but we would hope that the EFL will be asking much more probing and substantive questions about the actual running of the club -e.g. the disastrous decisions that have driven supporters to protest; the rudeness and arrogance that have driven supporters away; the lack of a Chief Executive since January; the absence of a Chief Finance Officer since March; the non-payment of promised bonuses to hard working staff.

In many respects the statement reflects all that has been wrong under the current ownership. A complete misunderstanding of the great football club he bought, the staff, supporters and the wider community. A complete failure to appreciate his central role in the club's demise.

We look forward to our meeting with the EFL on October 17th and to explaining our "understanding of the situation which currently surrounds the club."  Any assistance the EFL can offer to bring closure on the disastrous last four and half years would be fully welcomed.

However, we are also mindful of the fact that our original approach to the EFL was in pursuit of answers to specific questions relating to the sale of the club, the EFL's role in the process and any obligation that the EFL might consider it has to supporters. We do not want this to get lost amid discussion of the shortcomings of the current regime.

Letter to John Nagle of EFI from Charlton Supporters Trust CAST