EFL – a one man protest

CAS Trust member Martin Pezet staged a one-man protest outside the London office of the English Football League on Wednesday to bring attention to the lamentable state of affairs at CAFC and the EFL's apparent unwillingness or inability to do anything about it.

Martin - a third generation Charlton supporter - spent the morning handing leaflets to people working at or visiting the office. Although he is aware that most staff at the London office are relatively junior in the organisation he is confident that his message will have got through to those in power up in Preston.

Although his main focus was on events at Charlton he is very aware that supporters at other clubs such as Blackpool, Coventry, Leyton Orient and Hull have also been extremely disappointed at the EFL's apparent passivity in the face of the appalling mismanagement of their clubs in recent years. His main message to the authorities is that "either you have the power to intervene but are reluctant to do so or you don't have the power and should therefore set about getting it"

We take our hats off to Martin. His "ever so polite protest" is yet another example of the drive and ingenuity that Charlton fans are famous for and it takes a deserved place in the chronicle of inspired action that our fans have taken when the club is in peril.