Oh South London is wonderful

CAST member Vincent Raison (with co-writer Andrew Grumbridge) has this week published his long awaited new book  - Today South London, Tomorrow South London.

The book celebrates the many joys of "messing around" south of the river. You can follow the four wastrels Dirty South, Dulwich Raider, Half-Life and Roxy as they sample the many pleasures (often liquid) to be found "trans pontine". Join them as they go in search of the source of The South Circular. Suffer with them as they find themselves "Thirsty in Kidbrooke". Disagree with them as they nominate the top ten pubs on a roundabout.

(NB - If earthy language and references to illegal substances are not to your taste this book will probably not be for you.)

"The ultimate reprobates' handbook to God's own side of the river. Your liver may never be the same again"  -  Jenny Eclair

"If a man is tired of London, he should read this book"  - London Evening Standard

"Of all the books about South London since 1947 this has to be the best"  - Jay Rayner

The book can be found at:
and hopefully a number of small independents.