Your feedback on our performance

In our Autumn survey we asked you to rate your satisfaction with CAST over the past year on a scale of 1-10. We are grateful to the 466 members (nearly half our membership) who responded.

The outcome was that CAST members overall rated CAST performance at 8.1 out of 10 with 87% rating it between 7-10 and 47% at 9-10.  The majority of comments expressed satisfaction with the position adopted by the CAST board and by the tone of its communications. There were a number of members who felt that we had adopted too neutral a stance in challenging the owner but also some who felt we were too closely aligned with the protests.

To help us plan for the future we also asked you to prioritise current CAST initiatives. The outcome was as follows:

  1. Intends to engage proactively with eventual new owners to help rebuild the fan base

99% of respondents saw this as important, including 94% as very important.

2. Engages with authorities such as the EFL and Metropolitan Police about     CAFC matters.

98% important (84% very important)

3. Liaises with RB Greenwich to register The Valley as an Asset of Community Value

98% important (83% very important)

4. Speaks to the media on behalf of Charlton fans

97% important (81% very important)

5.  Represents members at the Club's Fans Forum

95% important (78% very important)

6.  Ensures membership is affordable and open to all

98% important (77% very important)

7.  Surveys fans on a regular basis about important issues and publishes the results

96% important (64% very important)

8. Campaigns about other football matters such as safe standing and The Olympic Stadium

83% important (41% very important)

The survey was also open to non-members. It is not surprising that satisfaction of non-members was at a lower level than that of members (6.3 out of 10). The majority of those who rated performance at a low level did so because of CAST's support of protests and membership of CARD.

There was no significant difference in prioritising initiatives between members and non-members. All agreed that the top priority was to engage proactively with eventual new owners to rebuild the fan base.