Volunteers needed for Saturday – free doughnuts

Could you get to The Valley a bit early on Saturday and help us distribute 1250 pamphlets we have produced?

We are keen to reach people who are not CAST members and who do not read our website. We want to publicise the achievement of ACV status for The Valley and to promote debate about the sale process and supporter fundraising.

We hope that it will also serve to encourage people to join CAST.

We will be setting up our stall behind the North Stand at about 4pm and we will have 1250 copies with us for distribution. If you can join us anytime from 4pm we would be grateful for your help. Even if you can only spare fifteen minutes or so it will be really helpful.

There is a distinct possibility that there might be free doughnuts for everyone.

Thank you in advance.

Any questions please contact secretary@castrust.org