Understanding the role of alcohol in football cultures

The Football Supporters Federation (FSF) have asked us to publicise this research being undertaken by Stirling University and to encourage supporters to complete their survey below:

Are you a football fan who regularly attends matches or watches the game on TV?

Would you be willing to take part in a survey on the importance and role of alcohol for football fans in Scotland and England?

Researchers from the universities of Stirling, Loughborough and Edinburgh are running a research project on this issue.

The survey will ask fans some questions about their views and experiences of alcohol consumption and on current regulations on alcohol in and around football.

Once you complete the survey, you will be given the option to be entered into a prize draw for £50 worth of High Street vouchers

This project has been ethically approved through the University of Stirling General University Ethics Panel.

Complete the survey here:

(CAST have discovered that completion of the survey needs about ten minutes, or perhaps a tad longer if you've had a beer or two.)