Nothing new on sale of club

The quarterly Fans Forum (which had been postponed by three weeks because of lack of staff availability at the beginning of the month) was attended on behalf of the club only by Tom Rubashow (Head of Communication) and Ravi Patel (Commercial Manager). Lieven de Turck (responsible for the sale of the club) was not available as he was "busy with negotiations to sell the club".

Those attending the forum were surprised to be informed in a written statement from de Turck that "large costs around owning a Championship football club are a barrier for sale" as Roland Duchatelet has previously implied that promotion would aid the sale.

The statement went on:

The average Championship club loses around £15m a year which is not sustainable, each season ticket holder costs the clubs approximately £1,000.

While we appreciate that English is not de Turck's first language this does seem a particularly tactless message to give to long-term supporters.

Full minutes of the Fans Forum will be produced shortly but an update on the takeover situation can be seen here: