Bury and Bolton – what next for the EFL?

Andrew Aloia considers the crises at Bury and Bolton in conversation with Ashley Brown of the Football Supporters Association (FSA) and football finance expert Dr Rob Wilson of Sheffield Hallam University.

Ashley Brown (who spoke at the CAST AGM last year) says:

"What we need is an element of independent regulation in football and, when we talk of independence, it is independence from club owners," said Brown, whose role at the FSA is focused on governance issues and working with fans of crisis clubs.

"The problem with reform has been that to get significant improvements in governance, those rule changes need to be voted for by the very club owners themselves.

"We've always felt the Football Association should do it, that they should create a new organisation under their control.

"We do feel that control should remain within football but, if the FA fails or refuses to do this, then maybe we have to look at government support or have some sort of government watchdog as you see in other industries in this country."

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