Duchatelet “disappointed”

Roland Duchatelet has issued another proclamation on the club website this week. For a man who claims he only has 2% of his time to spend on the club, he does seem to have been investing a disproportionate amount of energy recently on composing articles and conducting interviews that promote the view that he is an unfortunate victim of circumstance and of various vindictive or misinformed individuals.

Most CAST members formed a view of Duchatelet and his stewardship of our club a long time ago and the vast majority were delighted to learn in early 2018 that he had decided to put the club up for sale. It is the view of the CAST board that his subsequent failure to sell the club is the result of his unrealistic price expectations and the difficulties that potential buyers have encountered when trying to deal with him.

If you are sufficiently interested to wish to read the most recent statement you will find a link below. The statement contains a number of inaccuracies and half truths and in particular it makes a number of allegations about the editor of Voice of The Valley - Rick Everitt. We have therefore also provided a link to his recent article stating his position and rebutting those allegations.

In the meantime we are looking forward to supporting the team in the tough games coming up against Barnsley, Forest and Brentford.