Who played in goal for Charlton in the 11-1 defeat at Villa ?

CAST member Ian Alister (in conjunction with Andrew Ward) has just published The Strangest Football Quiz Book.


When Aston Villa beat Charlton 11-1 in November 1959 which England international scored five goals for Villa? He was the first player to be picked for England while playing abroad (in Italy). How many players played in goal for Charlton that day?

When Leicester City drew 2-2 with Aston Villa in March 1976 what strange feat did Chris Nicholl  achieve?

Ipswich Town goalkeeper Paul Cooper was in good form in the 1979/80 season. How many penalties did he save out of ten?

Fred Davies served Shrewsbury Town for 45 years. His record haul was 130 in a season. What kind of boat helped?

Liverpool play in red. Everton play in blue. What colour are the wheelie bins on Merseyside?

What's the connection between Morpeth Town FC and Johnny Cash?

Name the only EFL club with eleven letters and no repeats

"Discover the answers to all these and much more in this quirkiest of quiz books all about the stranger side of football. Featuring outlandish scorelines, intrepid streakers, nefarious fouls, phantom goals, extreme weather and a whole host of bizarre mascots, The Strangest Football Quiz Book will take your knowledge of football's weirdness to a whole new level"

Just £6.99. Get your Christmas stocking filler in early...