CAFC ticketing system – survey results

CAST ran a survey during August and September about the CAFC on-line ticketing system. The survey was available on the websites of CAST and CAFC and at the CAST stall before the Brentford game on 24th August. The results are as follows:



  1. The on-line ticketing system received a strong vote of confidence from respondents to the survey, although the need for accessible customer service back up was stressed.
  2. Nevertheless, just over a third of respondents said that they would prefer to buy tickets in person or over the phone.
  3. There was positive feedback about the club’s communication about the process of sale of play-off tickets and general agreement that the allocation process was fair.
  4. There was less positive feedback about the club’s communication about how to use the system for play-off tickets.
  5. Half of respondents found the process of purchasing play-off tickets to be stressful. In particular, difficulties logging on, difficulties assigning tickets to family and friends and issues with loyalty points or Valley Gold were most troublesome. Difficulties purchasing special category tickets (eg disabled /carer) were proportionally significant.
  6. There was a correlation between frequency of previous use of the on-line system and stress experienced when using it to buy play-off tickets.
  7. Respondents made over 800 individual comments to underpin or explain their survey answers. Some of these were very specific while others formed part of a trend. A full analysis of the comments will follow shortly.
  8. The survey results have been shared with the club and will be presented to the Fans Forum on September 25th along with an analysis of comments. The club are committed to using the survey results to inform and improve ticketing policies and procedures.


The Respondents

There were 579 responses to the survey which was run between 14th August and 12th September.

There was a good spread of age ranges (30% under 35; 24% 36-55; 46% over 55).

87% of respondents were men.

61% of respondents were not members of CAST.

93% professed themselves to be fairly (34%) or very (59%) confident in general at using technology in every day life.

46% had used the on-line ticketing system frequently in the past year and 35% had used it occasionally. 14% had used it once or twice and 5% had never used it before

40% of respondents attended the Doncaster (away) play-off game; 86% attended the home game; 93% were at Wembley and 3% attended none of those games.


The Ticket System Overall

The survey showed that overall satisfaction with the ticketing system is high at 86% (50% fairly satisfied; 36% very satisfied)

There was strong agreement (87%) that it was much better than outsourcing (eg to Ticketmaster).

81% said the CAFC system was easy to use and 83% said they felt confident about using it. 84% said it was convenient for them but 35% said they preferred to buy tickets over the phone or in person.

50% felt that clearer instructions are needed and 82% agreed that the system needs customer service back-up.


Purchasing Play-off tickets

The process of buying play-off tickets was described by 33% of respondents as quite stressful and by 15% as very stressful. On the other hand 24% found it not at all stressful and 28% not very stressful.

Those finding it stressful are more likely to have only used the system occasionally or once or twice previously. This group were less positive about the play-off ticketing process and communications around it. They are a little older on average, though this is not definitive.

Just over half of respondents experienced specific difficulties with the ticket site. Difficulties that respondents reported encountering were:

  • Difficulty logging in or accessing the ticket site                          33%
  • Difficulty assigning tickets to friends/ family                              21%
  • Issues with loyalty points / Valley Gold                                       19%
  • Difficulty purchasing concession / special category tickets       8%
  • Difficulty with on-line payment                                                      8%
  • Issues regarding ticket delivery or collection                               7%

78% of respondents purchased their play-off tickets without needing to seek assistance. 10% sought assistance from the club and 12% from other fans.

27% found the club’s “Help Guides” about purchasing play-off tickets to be useful, although 20% did not. The remaining 53% were: not aware of them (14%); couldn’t find them (2%); or didn’t need them (37%)


The club’s communications about the sale of play-off tickets

There was a generally positive agreement with the club’s play-off ticketing approach, although a quarter of respondents felt that the availability or effectiveness of assistance from the club was not sufficient.

90% agreed (58% strongly; 32% slightly) that information about the tickets going on sale was available quickly.

87% agreed (57% strongly; 30% slightly) that the club communicated clearly about the ticket allocation process.

84% agreed (50% strongly; 34% slightly) that the allocation of tickets was fair.

77% agreed (37% strongly; 40% slightly) that the club’s communications clearly explained how to use the on-line system. However, 20% disagreed (3% not applicable)

57% agreed (30% strongly; 27% slightly) that the club’s communications answered all their questions about play-off tickets. However, 22% disagreed (21% not applicable)

57% agreed that they knew how to contact the club and who to contact with queries. However, 33%  disagreed. (10% not applicable)


Individual comments

Respondents were invited to make explanatory comments and suggestions and 822 such comments were made. Phase Two of the survey analysis will address these comments in more detail in order to:

Identify trends and areas of common concern

Attempt to find solutions to specific problems