Help Lyle defeat cancer

Lyle Taylor is going pink for October! Get behind the cause and help raise money to beat cancer sooner!

Charlton Athletic FC’s star striker will be donning pink boots and hair for the month of October and he needs your support!

Read Lyle’s story here: “In my family, 3 of my grandparents have suffered with bowel and prostate cancer. Thankfully, they have survived it and are healthy and enjoying their lives to the fullest extent. My aunt's mum and nan's best friend both had breast cancer and unfortunately passed away. Raising money towards cancer research is something that is important to me, simply because I've seen people so close to me suffer and, in the worst cases, lose that fight. I am using the colour PINK, which is associated with Breast Cancer and the month of October, Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research UK. During the month of October, I will, as a professional footballer for Charlton Athletic, wear pink football boots and dye my hair pink, hoping that this will create a visual aid and a buzz that will encourage people to donate and, in future, run their own fundraisers.”

You can donate HERE: