West Brom policing – update

We were contacted by a number of supporters with concerns about the policing after the game with WBA last month.

The issue was that some supporters were:

  • Not permitted to leave the train at Snow Hill to catch their connection to London Euston
  • Forced to travel to Moor Street instead and then not permitted to leave the station. They had  to catch the Marylebone train instead.
  • On arrival at Marylebone they were not permitted to leave the platform until they had given their names and addresses.

The main issue of contention was the requirement to give personal details before being allowed through the barriers at Marylebone.

We encouraged supporters to contact Amanda Jacks at the Football Supporters Association (FSA)and we understand that four people did so and gave full accounts of their experience.

The FSA's legal advice is that the legality of the police action at Marylebone station "could be challenged", although it would not be "straightforward" because there was some disorder at The Hawthorns and a criminal investigation is underway. We understand that three of the people who wrote to the FSA were willing to speak further to the police about the matter but that none of them expressed an interest in challenging the police action legally.

This is not surprising given that an initial consultation and letter before action would be likely to cost in the region of £1000 and that it is very unlikely that legal aid would be forthcoming.

CAST has been in contact with the Metropolitan Police Football Unit and we can continue to pursue the matter with them in a general way. We have been informed by them that any names and addresses taken that do not relate to the investigation will "not be entered on to any computer system and cannot be subsequently searched for any other reason"

We would be very interested to hear from any of the individuals who contacted the FSA or who may have spoken to the police about the matter. You can let us know your experience at secretary@castrust.org