Safer gambling campaign launched

The Football Supporters Association in conjunction with BeGambleAware has launched a new gambling awareness campaign (The Safer Gambling Hub) aimed at creating a safer gambling environment for football supporters.

They stress that:

"It’s really important that all football fans are aware of the risks of impulsive betting and can recognise the behaviours that can lead from a bet on the football each Saturday to a more serious gambling issue."

The Safer Gambling Hub provides materials and resources that are part of a national safer gambling campaign led by BeGambleAware – "Think Twice or You’ll Bet Regret It". Bet Regret is the sinking feeling you get the minute you make a bet without thinking it through. Often when drunk, bored or chasing losses.

To access the Safer Gambling Hub:

The resources include the following safer gambling tips:

Take a time out – Think Twice and go bet-free for a period of time. You can set a Time-Out period of hours, days or weeks through most online gambling accounts

Pause before you place it – Pausing can help us make better decisions. Wait five seconds before pressing that ‘Bet now’ button. Count to ten or say the bet out loud and focus on how much you could lose, before you commit

Balance gambling with other activities – It’s important that gambling isn’t your only pastime. Try to plan hobbies and activities to help fill free periods. When you’re busy you’re less likely to make a bet you know you shouldn’t

Set a money limit in advance – Before you start betting set yourself a cash cap and think twice about how much you’re willing to bet. You can set yourself daily or weekly limits. Many sites allow you to pre-set a maximum amount for deposits, stakes and losses over a given time period

Set a time limit – Why not set yourself limits on the times you bet? Plan a distraction for those moments when you’re not betting and stay clear of Bet Regret. Many betting and gambling providers allow you to set up notifications to help you manage your time. Or just set an alarm on your phone.