Can you help Greenwich Foodbank again?

CAST is once again working with Charlton Athletic to promote donations to Greenwich Foodbank at this challenging time.

Last Christmas Charlton supporters donated two van loads of non-perishable food before the games against Huddersfield and Hull. We had not envisaged that we would be approaching supporters again so soon.

Increasing numbers of people losing their regular income at the same time as people being worried about feeding their own families means that there is already an increase in demand for Foodbank services coinciding with a decrease in the supply of food and toiletries.

Alan Robinson of Greenwich Foodbank said today:

"Last week was a real test for us at the Foodbank:

  • More people than ever needing food
  • Food supplies dropping
  • Volunteers in high risk groups
  • Ensuring the referrer network remains in place.

but the silver lining to this cloud as always is the community who always respond to make up the gaps".


You may be saving the cost of a couple of pints and a pie at the moment so, if you can, please contribute.

There are a number of ways you can help:

Donate food items to your local collection point

Make a financial donation

Make a donation via Bankuet - whereby they purchase the food and deliver it to the Foodbank

If you are in a position to volunteer at Greenwich Foodbank you can find more information here: