Tahnoon Nimer “focusing on Charlton’s future”

Tahnoon Nimer posted the following statement on his Instagram account on Tuesday 17th March:

"Last week's events have probably taken its toll on everyone. I would now like to shed some light on this.

Monday evening, I was made aware of the full extent of the chairman's wrongdoings and of the fact removing him from office is going to take more time than imagined. This is the reason for the voice messages I've sent to the supporters and why I have asked for his resignation. I thought he would own up to his mistakes and leave the Club once he has been outed, so that we can immediately start fixing those mistakes.

I first took to social media because I wanted to speak directly to the supporters. I wanted to know what they thought of the chairman, in light of these new events, and to see if I have their support. It was their reaction on Monday and Tuesday, together with the dedication of the Club's staff that have made me to forget the thoughts of backing out of the deal.

The events of Thursday evening, which could not have taken place without the support of the Club's staff, have set in motion a sequence which, barring some truly extraordinary events, will end this week with the permanent removal of those persons from the Club and the nomination of a new board of directors.

I cannot give you more information on this as it is still ongoing but everyone should be assured that, while a dedicated team of UK lawyers is working on finalising this procedure, myself and the rest of my team are focussing on Charlton's future as of next week. Once a new board of directors has been appointed we will announce all of our plans for the Club's immediate future and return to the Club's official website for future communication.

Lastly, and I am sorry the current situation in Europe is preventing me from saying this in person, I want to thank all of the Club's staff for their admirable behaviour and display of character in these times. Starting from the ones who first stood up to the chairman and brought the real situation to my attention and ending with those who made an early removal possible, they are all heroes of the Club. Their names are all know to myself and my team and, when the time comes, will be made known to the public"

CAST welcome the tone and the content of this announcement. In particular that Nimer and his team are focussing on Charlton's future and that a formal announcement can be expected. The most pressing issue remains, however, the need to satisfy the EFL of source and sufficiency of funds, without which the future of the club remains in grave doubt. We hope very much that the new board of directors will be able to complete this at the earliest opportunity.