The CAST weekly lock down quiz

During this period of lockdown we will be running a weekly CAFC quiz to help you take your mind off events in the real world. This week's quiz focuses on the return to The Valley in December 1992.

  1. Everyone knows who scored the first Charlton goal back at The Valley. The recent CACT quiz night reminded us that John Bumstead scored the second. But who scored the third?
  2. Which was the first club to beat Charlton at The Valley after the return?
  3. Who was Charlton's leading goalscorer in the 1992/93 season and with how many goals?
  4. Which club was Lee Power on loan from?
  5. What was unusual about the six Charlton games after the 5th December Portsmouth game?
  6. Can you name the player from the 5th December game who also played at Wembley in May 1998?
  7. The attendance on 5th December was 8,337. In the twelve following games at The Valley that season how many times did the gate reach 8,337?
  8. At the launch of CAST in December 2012 Garry Nelson was asked what his favourite memory of 5th December 1992 was. What was it?
  9. The game after December 5th 1992 was away to Watford. Charlton made one team change. Who missed out and why?
  10. In February 1993 who became the first elected VIP supporter representative on the CAFC board?

Answers next week.