Questions for The Directors

Below is the text of a communication sent to CAFC Director Marian Mihail on the morning of Monday 20th April prior to news breaking regarding an EFL investigation:

There is currently considerable anxiety amongst Charlton fans, so this week we are focussing on two critical matters at the heart of this; payment of funds into the Club, and the outstanding regulatory issues with the EFL.

Let us set the scene:

Our understanding is that in the three and a half months since the purchase of the Club (separate from the property assets) ESI has paid no monies into CAFC.  After many years of ownership where development opportunities were consistently missed, fans are deeply sceptical about any owners.  Currently they think this lack of investment puts into question the intentions of those involved, sending a warning sign of serious problems ahead.

The delays in satisfying the EFL regarding sufficiency and source of funds further increase these concerns.

The apparent lack of care in recruitment of the previous Executive Chairman and his team does nothing to build confidence.

The fans’ view is that the combination of these factors is reason to be seriously concerned about our Club.

At this very difficult time in our lives generally, fans are fearful their beloved Charlton is in danger of going out of business.

In light of this, this week’s questions are aimed at providing some clarity/comfort for fans:

Q1 - Are we correct to assume that to date no monies have been paid in to CAFC by ESI?

Q2 - Bearing in mind the end of April is 10 days away, what is the latest regarding the planned investment?

Q3 - Can the monies be paid in the next few days to help reassure fans?

Q4 - What form will these funds take?

Q5 - Will these funds be paid via ESI or through a different entity?

Q6 - Will these funds be sufficient to pay the staff in full and settle any other liabilities that are due?

Q7 - What communications have there been with the EFL in the last week?

Q8 - What developments have there been with the EFL towards conclusion of the various outstanding issues?

Q9 - What needs to happen for the EFL issues to reach a conclusion and what is the Club’s timescale around this?

Thanks everyone for your questions - keep ‘em coming to: