Charlton to be evicted from The Championship?

The EFL have today released a statement about the Coronavirus situation:

"Resuming the 2019/20 season with the existing format remains the most appropriate course of action from a sporting integrity perspective"


"the Board accepts there are circumstances that may lead to curtailment (as has been demonstrated with League Two) or a situation subsequently transpires whereby the season is unable to conclude.

This means that, in the event of an early curtailment:

a. Final divisional placings should be determined on unweighted points per game (if required).
b. Promotion and relegation should be retained.
c. Play-Offs should be played in all circumstances but should not be extended (beyond four teams).

The Board considers that the majority required to curtail the 2019/20 season in any division should be 51%. Determining whether or not to curtail the season is a decision for each division to take."

In these circumstances, if no further matches are played, Charlton would be relegated. If one more match was played and Charlton beat Hull, then Hull would be relegated. Both clubs entered a competition of 46 games and would have played 38. That is not relegation. That is eviction.

The plan is for the promotion play-offs still to take place so, at a very minimum, Charlton should have the right to play teams three to five in League One in a play-off. Why should one of them benefit via promotion when we get expelled without that opportunity?

The EFL is currently investigating four clubs for misconduct. - Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, Birmingham and Charlton. These investigations should be concluded before relegation decisions are reached. Barnsley have already threatened to sue the EFL if they are relegated and other clubs are allowed to start next season in The Championship with minus points:

It is not yet clear when Championship clubs will meet to vote on this. We can probably assume that the top six clubs will vote in favour but there should be healthy opposition from clubs who still harbour play-off ambitions. The bottom three will vote against and we assume Hull, Boro, Wigan and the like will be in favour. It would therefore only require a couple of mid table clubs to support it to see it passed.

And it seems likely that this could happen BEFORE it became absolutely clear that a resumption behind closed doors was impossible for health reasons.

Here is the full statement

Here is The Evening Standard's slant: