No answers from Marian Mihail this week

Marian Mihail has apologised for the lack of answers to supporter questions today. He tells us that his time has been spent this week dealing with other matters pertaining to CAFC and ESI...

These are the questions which were sent to him:

1. Although Mr van Seventer and Mr Hirst have not been involved recently and were before your time, can you confirm who appointed them and what role they carried out?  Were the published fees they were paid reasonable for the tasks they carried out?

2. Who is Chris Farnell employed by and what has he been paid from the clubs funds?

3. Does Tahnoon Nimer have any comprehension whatsoever of the emotional investment that a dedicated Charlton fan puts into ‘their’ club and exactly what the club means to them? Is he aware of just how unprofessional, immature and inane his public spat with Southall has manifested itself to the fans?

4. Given that Matt Southall will not give up his shareholding in ESI, does Tahnoon Nimer’s larger shareholding in ESI allow him to remove Matt Southall’s position as shareholder in any way (gross misconduct/bringing the good name of ESI into disrepute)?

5.  If Southall is invoicing the club for work not carried out, is it fair to assume that the relevant authorities have been informed as this would appear, at the very least, to be contrary to section 2 of the Fraud Act. Namely Fraud by misrepresentation.  Whilst we understand details cannot be provided, is there a criminal case ongoing against Matt Southall for fraud or for anything else for his actions at the club?

6. I am very concerned that Tahnoon Nimer will get fed up with all the aggravation and will sell the club to someone disreputable, or even to Southall. Can you guarantee that he has a long-term plan to get through the current dispute and to invest in the future of the club?

7. You confirm that Nimer will not put funds in to CAFC whilst Southall is on the ESI board and thus involved in the club. You also state contact with potential owners has been made but you have turned them down as not being in the best interests of the club. In reality, Southall is going nowhere, he certainly does not appear to want to resign from the ESI board and if Nimer refuses to put money in, which I can understand in these circumstances, the club goes under and into administration where everybody, including Nimer, lose. Wouldn’t it be best served to cut his losses, sell for a reasonable amount. Making a profit for himself, seeing as he is alleged not to have put anything in thus far, and take the hit on Southall making a bit of cash from the sale?

8. If the club were to be sold again, does Matt Southall have any say in it? Can he block it in any way?