What is happening at our club? – weekly update

It is a sign of our troubled times that probably the most important news of the week was that playing and non-playing staff salaries were paid on time.

However this was not the result of an injection of funds into the club by East Street Investments or Tahnoon Nimer. In his response to supporter questions club Director Marian Mihail stated that there had been sufficient existing funds to cover April salaries but that this would not be the case for May. He reiterated that "to inject large additional funds is not viable for Thanoon Nimer at the moment with uncertainties around the EFL investigation, the ex-directors potential unpicking of the takeover and the presence of Mr Southall".

Although Mihail reports that he was been approved by the EFL to have passed their Owners & Directors Test we note with interest that Claudiu Florica's approval is still outstanding.

We also note that Mihail says that new invoices have been received recently from Matt Southall and Lee Amis but that these will not be paid as "a contract or proof of work / order" could not be found.

Mihail's answers in full can be seen here:

Marian Mihail responds to more supporter questions

CAST has finally this week received a response from the EFL which includes the following:

"In view of your further request, we agree it would be helpful to meet however this will need to take place once we have emerged from the current Covid-19 crisis. In the interim, we do recognise the keen interest supporters have in the ownership of Charlton Athletic, therefore we will continue to provide you with any clarity we can by way of correspondence at the current time."

The CAST board will be considering the EFL response in full this weekend.

Finally, for those who enjoy some rigorous reading during lockdown here is the full text of the EFL regulations covering investigations and disciplinary proceedings.


A CAST badge will be awarded to the most succinct and accessible summary of the above submitted to secretary@castrust.org by Wednesday next week!

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