What is happening at our club? – weekly update

For those of us struggling to keep abreast of developments at Charlton Athletic we thought we would try to produce a weekly update of events. This is not an attempt to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of every twist and turn. It is designed for those who are looking for a broad and manageable overview:

On Monday the club announced in a statement that Directors Marian Mihail and Claudiu Florica had passed the EFL Owners and Directors Test (ODT) - popularly known as the fit and proper person test. All three of the club's Directors have now passed the test. Andrei Mihail and Chris Farnell are not required to pass the test as they are Directors of East Street Investments Ltd not CAFC.

Bearing in mind a very recent judgment by a court in Romania ordering Mr Florica to repay in excess of 10 million Euros to the Romanian State, many fans question the EFL’s decision and are worried about his involvement in Charlton. We will be pushing the Club to clarify the new roles and to clearly identify the new Senior Management Structure. Who is responsible for what?

The club statement continued:

"The club is continuing to support the EFL with the league’s investigation into the takeover of Charlton Athletic by East Street Investments. On Friday the club's lawyers submitted a series of documents and correspondence to the EFL in order to assist with the investigation. The EFL confirmed, on Monday morning, that they are reviewing the information provided."

On Tuesday, Tahnoon Nimer wrote on Instagram that he had "asked the police to intervene and have the two club range rover that Matthew Southall and his partner have, returned to the club after we were worried that the V5 forms were being amended"

The following day Southall tweeted the contents of an email to Tahnoon Nimer in which he had suggested that "it would be in the best interests of all concerned for us to come to an amicable solution so both of us can get what we want and try and stop any further damage to the reputations of all involved, including the club". He continued, “alternatively, what terms do I need to satisfy for me to take over the shareholding held by Panorama Magic General Consulting in East Street Investments Ltd?"

Meanwhile in League Two Macclesfield Town were handed a seven point deduction this week. A statement from The Independent Disciplinary Hearing said "the two latest misconduct charges brought against the club by the EFL relate to non-fulfilment of a fixture...and non-payment of players on the applicable date". This is a useful reminder to those of us who had forgotten that it is The Independent Disciplinary Hearing who decide on level of punishment, not the EFL. In fact the EFL itself has appealed against Independent Disciplinary Hearing punishments against Bolton and Birmingham on the grounds that they were too lenient.

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Nearly 370 people have joined CAST since mid March reflecting the level of anxiety many fans are experiencing about the future of our club. Together we are stronger. If you are not a member or you know someone who isn't it is simple to join: https://www.castrust.org/join/