43 days to expulsion? – we back Barclay / Varney

Peter Varney stressed this week the urgency of resolution of the issues which are holding back the EFL from approving Paul Elliott's consortium.

“For the sake of the club’s players, staff and the supporters it is vital that all those involved in this process come to a resolution one way or the other urgently, and with video conferencing this should be readily achievable.”


Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust fully supports the bid from Varney and Barclay. The club, training ground and The Valley need to come under common ownership urgently. Right now the obvious plan is for the club to be bought by Peter Varney, a fan, together with Andrew Barclay. They have the wherewithal to negotiate a fair price with Roland Duchatelet and the means to take the club forward. The only thing standing in their way of entering into those negotiations is ESI and seemingly multi-client lawyer, Chris Farnell.

Therefore we also call for the removal of ESI, whatever its guise, as owners of the club. CAST -  a member of the CARD coalition since the outset - will be both supportive of and participating in initiatives that will hasten the removal of ESI and installation of Varney & Barclay. We also applaud other fan-led initiatives which provide evidence again, if it was ever needed, that any owners who do not have the best interests of Charlton Athletic and its community at heart, have picked the wrong club.