It’s time for our season ticket survey

Every year for the last five years CAST has carried out a survey of fans' season ticket intentions and general attitudes towards the club. It has given us a snapshot of what people are thinking and has allowed us to determine trends over time. The survey is completely independent of the club.

We started to run this year's survey back in March when season tickets would normally first be advertised. Over 500 fans responded in the first two days but we then had to abandon the process when the ESI boardroom dispute became public - no doubt fundamentally altering opinions expressed just 24 hours previously.

So - apologies if you were one of the 500 who spent six minutes (average) completing the survey four months ago but we'd like you to do it again. And, if you didn't complete it then, please do it now. We now also have the information about prices.

This is our opportunity as a fan base to express what we think about what is happening at our club at the moment. You may be worried. You may be delighted. It doesn't matter what you think - just make sure your voice is heard. Six minutes is all it takes:

Season Ticket Intentions & Attitudes Survey 2020