The Charlton Athletic Womens Team needs your help to survive

The Charlton Athletic Womens Team needs your help to survive.

As a bit of background for those who do not know - the Womens Team is a completely separate entity and ownership to the mens club (CAFC) and has been for many years. The club is owned and funded by Stephen King along with the regular support of a minority shareholder, but very little external help. The mens club do give a small amount of assistance and also allow the players/staff to use Sparrows Lane for training. But otherwise the funding comes from their own resources/sponsorship that they are able to obtain, together with paying punters through the turnstiles and people's wider generosity.

With the promotion to the Championship at the end of last season running costs versus income has opened up a big gap. Even allowing for the funding the owner puts in it is in excess of £50,000 per season and COVID has really affected their income. As you will have seen, even at that level it has been hard for the team to compete in the division this year. The vast majority of the clubs playing in the Championship are owned by the mens club or receive substantial financial assistance from them (6 figure sums).

It has now got to the point where the very existence of our Womens team for next season and beyond is in dire jeopardy. A minimum additional sum of £50k is probably needed to survive and to be able to play into next season (not helped by reducing income due to COVID). Without that, they will likely fold completely as a club and have to give notice to the FA.

Therefore this is very much a cry for financial help. I appreciate it’s a difficult time for many people financially, but any amount, large or small, would really be appreciated.

There are many ways you can help, from a one off donation, a monthly amount or sponsorship of players, match, match ball, player of the match etc or any combination of those. Additionally if anyone has their own company and wishes to discuss taking out a greater sponsorship package please contact Steve Adamson to discuss further; email Steve Adamson

Further details can also be found on their website:

Donations, either one off or as a regular amount can be made below (you can manage the monthly amount via your own PayPal account). The link is also on the Womens website.

So please help if you can afford to and hopefully between us all and the owner we can keep the Women’s team going into next season and beyond!