CAST welcomes Thomas Sandgaard: Press Release

Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust welcomes Thomas Sandgaard as new CAFC owner

Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust (CAST) – and indeed all Addicks – are delighted by today’s announcement of Thomas Sandgaard as the new owner of CAFC. We genuinely believe that this is the start of a positive new era for the football club, following years of neglect and protest plus serious worry in recent months over the club’s very survival.

Like many fans, we have already had the opportunity to engage and speak with Thomas Sandgaard and he has impressed us with his passion, commitment, optimism and genuine motivation to take Charlton forward on and off the football pitch.

Richard Wiseman, CAST Chair said, “Today is a day of victory and celebration for all Addicks, united in our love for the club and dreams for its future. Fans have played a huge part in shining a spotlight on the murky goings on at Charlton under East Street Investments and supporting Sandgaard once his interest became apparent. Charlton fans are proactive, talented and resourceful - you mess with us at your peril.”

As a result of the club being in crisis, CAST last week held a constructive meeting with the EFL and have a commitment to future dialogue. Wiseman continued: “We were pleased to see the EFL acknowledge this meeting in their statement today. It is vital for the future of the game that the EFL take much more heed of fans’ concerns. The meeting gave us the opportunity to discuss a range of matters frankly. We hope it paves the way to future reforms that mutually benefit clubs and supporters, especially at such a difficult time for the sport in general.”

Sandgaard's takeover has been complex to achieve and CAST still awaits full details of the deal. We hope this is the end of court action about the ownership of the club and that it sidelines the "dubious characters" who latched on to Charlton without its best interests at heart. The Valley and training ground remain under lease from Roland Duchatelet, and it never sits entirely comfortably with Addicks to see the assets separated from the FC. But we will leave that for another day. The champagne or other celebratory tipple of choice is calling!

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