EFL “unable to comment but committed to finding positive outcome”

CAST met on Tuesday 15 September with representatives of the EFL -  Chief Executive David Baldwin; Head of Policy John Nagle; Communications Director Mark Rowan and Supporter Services Manager Andy Pomfret. Ashley Brown - Head of Supporter Engagement and Governance at The Football Supporters Association - was also present at the meeting.

David Baldwin (pictured) introduced himself as the new (since June) CEO. He had previously been Chief Executive at Bradford and Burnley and he outlined his background as a Bradford City supporter. He explained that, as a fan, he had experienced the anxiety that came with the club's two periods of administration in the early 2000s. He stressed that he fully understood how anxious Charlton supporters were about the future survival of the club. He said that he had taken an interest in Charlton's situation since his first day in the job and that he was determined to do all he could to bring about a positive outcome.

The meeting gave CAST the opportunity to ask a number of questions about events at the club during the last nine months - including about the current ownership situation, the transfer embargo and the ODT. The EFL representatives said they fully appreciated how important these matters were to all Charlton supporters but they advised that they were unable to comment on or supply new information about these matters at the moment.

However, they did explain the process for hearing appeals against the decision to disqualify individuals under the ODT. The appeals are heard by an independent panel (of three qualified lawyers) and both sides have to reach agreement on who is appropriate to chair that panel. There is no timescale within the regulations for this process to be concluded.

The EFL representatives said that they remain in communication with the club as it seeks to resolve all outstanding issues and that they will provide an update when they are in a position to do so. They also agreed to hold a further meeting with CAST.

Given the outcome of the appeal hearing this afternoon we have contacted the EFL again to enquire whether they can now make any further comment.