Sandgaard: Injunction is “minor nuisance”

We are grateful to Bajonster of Charlton Life for this transcript of the Radio London interview that Thomas Sandgaard gave to Louis Mendez during the game at Swindon yesterday:

LM: Tell us where the situation with the takeover is, at the moment?

TS: Well, the best way to describe it at the moment is, well, unfortunately I can't talk too much about it because of what's going on. So I obviously hope that everything is sorted out here in a very short period of time.

LM: The fact that you're here, you're watching the team in a league cup game, you've got your CAFC scarf on and you're supporting the side from the Directors' Box, we can read into that that the situation is positive?

TS: Right, yeh, I see it very positive too, so err, at this point unfortunately there's not a whole lot I can say.

LM:  As you say, you can't say too much at this time. On Tuesday, things were looking very positive, there was, what I imagine was a minor setback on Wednesday when another potential buyer was given a temporary injunction. Do you see that as a major step back (setback?), just a slight hurdle, just an annoyance at this time?

TS: Yeh, it's more like a minor nuisance. I assume that everything can move forward the way we intend it to be and it'll be sorted out. So I am not worried about that.

LM: And you mentioned on twitter last night that you'd made plans to get funds into the country so you showed that, as far as you're concerned, everything's still going ahead the way you want it to?

TS: That's right, I'm staying here for another 4 or 5 days to make sure we get everything over the finish line.

LM: Do you think this extended deadline, the extra few days you're here, is it fair to say...

TS: That should be enough.

LM: That's probably what you need with the transfer window as it is...

TS: Yeh, the sooner the better, October the 5th is coming fast.

(then some talk about the actual game and TS saying we'll do really well in league 1).

LM: What's your message to the Charlton fans after the setback for yourself in midweek?  What's your current message to the Charlton fans?

TS: Oh yeh, just be patient, we'll get this sorted out.

LM: Thomas, do you get the sense that your plans for the team at this stage in league 1, will give this team a particular edge in this division do you think, given the other budgets that there are in league 1, some quite substantial?

TS: I think we'll do well, and you could say that it's really (nearly?) a blessing that we are in league 1 right now because it buys a little time to put things in, err, the infrastructure as well as getting stability in the team. It buys us some time to start building that so we don't have the immediate pressure of the championship on day 1. I actually think that's very helpful.

LM: And once everything does fall into place, do you get the sense there will be a blizzard of activity from the people that you intend to bring in to help run the football club?

TS: Of course, there will be some activity. The main thing we need to do is make sure that Lee Bowyer gets to see and feel that there's 100% support behind him so that the first team can do well right off the bat. And we'll find out as we get into it, what else needs to happen.


Thomas also tweeted on Friday as follows:

"Charlton family. Have confirmed proof of funds to the EFL. All expenses for the next twelve months have been deposited into an escrow account with my attorneys in London. We will get this done"


Photo credit: @LouisMend via Twitter