Sustain the game: Heather McKinlay on Transparency

As part of its Sustain the Game campaign the Football Supporters Association is publishing a series of articles on the five key principles around which the campaign is built:

  1. Protect our clubs - football clubs are community assets and an important expression of individual and local identity, they deserve legal protection and urgent support to secure their future;

  2. Transparency - everyone has a right to know who owns their club, and how clubs and the authorities operate. Owners are custodians of clubs on behalf of all of us;

  3. Financial controls - fans want rules with real teeth which are independently enforced, clubs and leagues can't be left to regulate themselves;

  4. Strengthen the pyramid - football as a whole is wealthy, but we need a smarter and fairer use of the money in the game to encourage sustainability;

  5. Supporter engagement - fans are the lifeblood of the game, they need a voice in their clubs and on all issues that affect them and their communities.

This week the FSA published our own Heather McKinlay's article on the theme of transparency:


Last week the FSA published this article on Supporter Engagement by the chair of Accrington Stanley Supporters Trust: